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  • Implements the “Validation” section of the spec.

    Validation runs synchronously, returning an array of encountered errors, or an empty array if no errors were encountered and the document is valid.

    A list of specific validation rules may be provided. If not provided, the default list of rules defined by the GraphQL specification will be used.

    Each validation rules is a function which returns a visitor (see the language/visitor API). Visitor methods are expected to return GraphQLErrors, or Arrays of GraphQLErrors when invalid.

    Validate will stop validation after a maxErrors limit has been reached. Attackers can send pathologically invalid queries to induce a DoS attack, so by default maxErrors set to 100 errors.

    Optionally a custom TypeInfo instance may be provided. If not provided, one will be created from the provided schema.


    Returns ReadonlyArray<GraphQLError>